Chance to learn AWS, Watson and Chatbot technologies

Siemens s.r.o. - Siemens Healthineers04.08.2020

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We're looking for an IT specialist who would like to learn how to work with AWS and IBM Watson clouds. As part of your role will be maintenance and improvements of the chatbots, part of the perks will be studying and applying know-how related to the chatbots, including their learning. The job might require working with Python, JavaScript and NodeJS. Show us that it's in you to master it, and we'll help you to get there.

We're looking for a specialist with a potential to master these technologies. Either you've been administrating a server environments, you're a junior developer, web developer without formal education, or bored with your IT job and would like to pick up new things. You'll be communicating with various stakeholders about deployments, fixes and enhancements of the chatbots, so we're looking for rather communicative person, but don't worry, you won't be on the calls all the time :)

We're offering:
- training for AWS
- training for IBM Watson
- training for Chatbot (at this time unspecified tech)
- training on improvement of coding skills
- fair pay
- fair play
- home office to some extent
- possibility for a job rotation once you outgrow this role
- salary: from 1200 € brutto /month + VAR*, based on experience and results

*We are required by law to disclose basic wage component (minimum salary) for the advertised positions. We carefully consider your professional qualifications and experience in our compensation package and/or when offering you other positions.

Our goal is to pay our employee's fairly, with regards to the market situation and we are ready to welcome high-quality candidates in our team.

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1200 € + VAR*

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