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20.06.2020 LEAF
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Miesto práce: Slovensko
Bratislavský kraj
okres Bratislava
Karadžičova 16

Typ pracovnej ponuky: Vzdelávanie a školstvo; Animátor voľného času, Špecialista internej komunikácie
Ponúkaný plat (základná mzda): 1120 EUR
Termín nástupu do práce: ihneď
Druh pracovného pomeru: hlavný
Počet voľných miest: 1

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Základná zložka mzdy (v hrubom):
1120 € za mesiac

Dátum nástupu:

Dátum pridania ponuky:
29. 11. 2019

Dátum poslednej aktualizácie:
2. 12. 2019

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pracovný pomer na určitú dobu
počet mesiacov: 12

Pracovná oblasť:

Výchova, vzdelávanie a šport

Náplň (druh) práce
A little bit of context

For the last 5 years, Young Professionals Program through its two initiatives (Skills Based Volunteering and DELTA) has worked with approximately 250 young professionals through different kind of engagements and activities, mainly through matching them with a challenge within the NGO context and leveraging their know how and expertise acquired in their private sector formation aiming at sharpening their leadership skills. We anticipate that the number of our program’s participant to increase gradually. This gives rise to the importance of connecting the members of our community.

We aspire to have a community in which its members are aligned around LEAF values and are great examples of role modelling them. We envision a community in which its members are connected, share mutual trust and sense of belonging. We work with future shapers of Slovakia who have the potential and the skills to make Slovakia a better place to live in.

Community builder is a dual role, part of which focuses on building community of Young Professional Programs. At the same, the selected candidate would also drive strategy to build communities of other LEAF programs and start connecting to broader ecosystem.

Develop and launch (Community Strategy):

Assist with the creation and conception of both Young Professionals Program (YPP) community and wider LEAF community strategy
Co-design principles of LEAF community
Communicate and coordinate within the YPP and other LEAF programs to reflect community needs of all age groups we work with
Implement and organize

Design, implement and monitor creative ideas (offline and online) how to bring the community strategy alive and working
Organize and coordinate diverse set of events (again online/offline) in line with the strategy
Initiate and launch a series of community building best practices to strengthen identification of LEAF programs participants with our community
Develop / implement tools to help us tighten the community (e.g. CRM, web portal)
Evaluate and analyze what's working and what is not - get your hands dirty with data
Talk and connect Your role will require a lot of meaningful conversations mostly initiated by you, that will facilitate the creation of meaningful relationships in order to tighten the group; bring the members together and bridge the gaps between them - can't wait to show us how you will do it! That's why we are looking for you :)

Zdroj: Pracovná ponuka je prevzatá zo stránky Úradov práce.

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Vysokoškolské vzdelanie prvého stupňa

Zručnosti, schopnosti
Cudzie jazyky:
  • anglický - vysoká: C1 a C2

Ďalšie požiadavky:

Passion for the LEAF’s mission, passion for the role / challenges listed above and alignment with our team values
Outstanding interpersonal, relationship building and networking skills (you will be dealing with various stakeholders from within and outside the organisation)
Entrepreneurial/proactive mindset coupled with preference for daily team work
Deep knowledge of segment of young talented professionals (25-35 years) and their developmental needs
Strong project management skills, proved by track-record of led projects to successful completion
Interest in community building technology, social media (if you’re active in online communities - and we hope you are - we’d love to know more about what you do and where)
Experience in community affairs such as building an online forum, launching a successful ambassador program, etc. a huge plus
Conceptual strategic thinking
Advanced level of English language
And most importantly: Strong interest in other people, their needs and passions