Data Scientist

IBM International Services Centre s.r.o.28.09.2021

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Bratislava, Slovakia

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As a Data Scientist at IBM, you will help transform our clients’ data into tangible business value by analyzing information, communicating outcomes and collaborating on product development. Work with Best in Class open source and visual tools, along with the most flexible and scalable deployment options. Whether it’s investigating patient trends or weather patterns, you will work to solve real world problems for the industries transforming how we live.

Your Role and Responsibilities
In the Information Age, data is our most valuable resource. If you can describe yourself as the powerful combination of data hacker, analyst, communicator, and advisor, our Data Specialist position is the right one for you. As a savvy liaison for our teams, you will create solutions and provide actionable insights that shape the future of our business.

This position is a Data Scientist role with IBM Finance, focussing on the design, development, and implementation of supervised and unsupervised learning models to provide financial insights that enhance IBM’s business results.

Responsibilities include data collection, exploratory data analysis, model selection/testing/validation, fact-based quantitative analysis, systematic model explainability, model interpretation in business terms, and communication of findings to business leaders.

Salary starting from 2000 EUR gross, depending on your experience.

Required Professional and Technical Expertise:
• MS in Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, or related STEM field
• Proficiency in Python and common Python libraries used by data scientists (e.g., NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, Seaborn, etc.)
• Statistical modeling through software (e.g. SPSS) and programming languages (e.g. Python and R)
• Experience working with structured and unstructured data
• Excellent oral and written communication skills

Preferred Professional and Technical Expertise:
• Proficiency with other programming languages such as R and SQL
• Experience working with Financial data and understanding of common Finance concepts
• Hands-on experience deploying analytical models to solve business problems

Offered salary

2000 EUR

Specification of salary conditions

Depends on your experience

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Employee requirements

Minimum required education

First Level University Education (Bachelor's Degree)

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Spoločnosť IBM je jednou z najväčších IT spoločností na svete a pod názvom International Business Machines poskytuje klientom svoje služby už viac ako 100 rokov. Celosvetovo pôsobí vo vyše 160 krajinách sveta. Poslaním spoločnosti IBM je pomocou integrovaných, flexibilných a efektívnych riešení pomáhať svojim zákazníkom redukovať ich náklady a zvýšiť tak ich konkurencieschopnosť na trhu. Samostatná pobočka IBM Slovensko s.r.o. bola založená 7. decembra 1992. V roku 2003 založila IBM na Slovensku druhú pobočku IBM International Services Centre s.r.o. (ISC). Spoločnosť IBM je najväčší zamestnávateľ v oblasti IT na Slovensku.


IBM International Services Centre s.r.o.
Krasovského 14
Bratislava - mestská časť Petržalka
Slovak Republic

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